(Above) Wendy Vermeulen, founding director of Brownies & Downies and Our Second Home, talking with Heart FM after her return to SA.


We did it! Wendy is back where she belongs – at Brownies & Downies!

After years of back-and-forth with South African Home Affairs, lost submitted paperwork, “expert” consultations, lawyer intervention and trauma, it’s finally happened! Wendy Vermeulen, the founder of Brownies & Downies in South Africa, is able to return home to her husband and to her life-changing work after her 5 year ban was lifted and she was issued a 2 year visa.

Even though the term on the visa is not that long, it’s the best news to date that the team at Brownies & Downies has had. This means that the organisation can turn it’s focus once again to growth and support of people with intellectual disabilities, without putting undue stress and pressure on Wendy, her husband or the organisation.

“A huge thank you to Cape Talk’s Kieno Kammies, De Saude Attorneys, my husband, our business mentor, my family, the team at Brownies & Downies, and everyone that spread the word and offered help during my traumatic ban. You all helped so much and it gave us the strength to continue to fight the ban and hope for the visa to be issued”, says Wendy Vermeulen.

Written and published by Wade Schultz.