Brownies & downieS supports Our Second Home, an NPO which trains people who have intellectual disabilities at our cafe. The NPO also finds employment for these amazing trainees! You can read more about the NPO and their goals here.

Change a life forever!

We train up to 25 people with intellectual disabilities for job employment! You can change someone’s life by selecting the best way to partner with our non-profit organisation below!

Tax Reduction Donation S18A

Our NPO is a registered Public Beneficiary Organisation with 18A status. Any business donating to our NPO will be issued with a Letter of Appreciation, stating all the legal requirements which will be needed by your business to make a valid claim for tax reduction at the end of your financial year up to an amount of 5% of your company’s annual taxable income. This translates to an effective out-of-pocket expense of 70% of the amount donated.

B-BBEE Donations

Our NPO is an EME with Level 1 B-BBEE status. Donations to our NPO can be allocated to your BEE spend. A Letter of Appreciation will be issued to your company thanking you for the donation, with all legal requirements therein, once a donation has been paid.

B-BBEE points can be claimed and distributed through our NPO to your business scorecard under the following elements:

  1. Skills Development
  2. Enterprise and Supplier Development
  3. Management Control
  4. Socio-Economic Development

Hire a Trained Beneficiary

Our NPO’s trained beneficiaries need somewhere to work! They are trained in the fields of hospitality and retail. Our social integration specialists can fit the right people to the jobs you require. They also perform integration services and sensitisation training to your employees to make sure you and your new employee are given the correct tools for success, and spend time in your business with the candidate training them on your systems and ways of working.

B-BBEE points can be awarded based on hiring an individual from our training programme who is ready for work, and has an intellectual disability.

Product & Service Donation

Donations of products, services or service agreements at a subsidised or discounted rate is possible. Please complete the form below to speak with someone and find out more.

Events & Catering

Do you want catering at your business?

Do you have a special function or event requirement?

Do you need a space for your event, or do you want to have one at your offices?

We have amazing platters, INCREDIBLE brownies and can host your company too!


  • Venue Hire
  • Catering & Platters see here
  • Functions
  • Amazing Brownies

TrainMe Donation

Our NPO has costs to hire trainers, pay for the development of training material and costs to feed our trainees during the day.


Would you like to pay for the training of someone special?

Options Description Amount
TrainMe for a Week Cover costs to train someone for a week R 300
TrainMe for a Month Cover costs to train someone for a month R 1200




Events & Catering

By supporting Brownies & downieS, profits from the business go into training our special trainees.


  • Venue Hire
  • Catering & Platters see here
  • Functions & Markets



€5, €10, €15 OF MEER