Brownies & downieS Cape Town is a coffee shop and lunchroom that is opened under Our Second Home as a Non-Profit Organisation to the public, tourists and businesses. First and foremost, however, it is a training centre for people with intellectual disabilities, and a vessel to create change and acceptance in the South African culture. Our Second Home’s first priority is to train special needs adults to be employable in the hospitality, service and retail sectors. Our long term goal is to also give special needs adults independence through self-sustaining and assisted living homes, in conjunction with training and work through Brownies & downieS cafés.

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Support Brownies&downieS By simply dining at our establishment, it gives the special needs staff happiness, a job purpose and training opportunities. We greatly appreciate every customer, and we endeavour to treat you all like our loving family.

Sponsor an adult If you would like to directly influence a special needs staff adult who may not be in a position to afford expenses such as transport to the shop, food each day, and other training expenses, please consider speaking to our Hostess (and founder, Wendy Vermeulen) for options of sponsorship.

Donate Should you wish to donate to our cause, we all would be extremely grateful.

Monetary donations can be made to:

Account Holder Our Second Home
Account Number 62565637405
Bank First National Bank
Branch Code 250655
Reference Donations ‘Your name/business name’

Donations of equipment, services, marketing or anything else, may be organised through

References Should you wish to refer any persons to us for assistance, business dealings, internships or applications into the training programme, please email:

Spread the word Help us to spread the good influences and loving messages that we hold so dear to our core.