Our Second Home’s first priority is to train special needs adults to be employable in the hospitality, service and retail sectors. Our long-term goal is to also give special-needs adults a measure of independence through self-sustaining and assisted living homes, in conjunction with training and work through Brownies & Downies cafés. You can read more about us and our goals here

What we need

We have capacity for 25 special-needs trainees in our first location, and this brings with it extra costs that a regular café doesn’t have, including transport for them to and from the shop, extra staff costs as trainers, food costs, development of educational material and marketing, trainer costs, etc. The funding received through the below documented funding opportunities will create opportunities to change the lives of the trainees enrolled in our programme!

We chose to open in the Foreshore City Centre area for more exposure, as we felt that these important issues, stigmas and misconceptions surrounding special-needs in the workplace have been overlooked by many businesses and individuals in South African society, and would be the best platform getting the most foot traffic in and around the premises.

Potential Business Partnership

With your help we would like to partner together with you to bring about a transformative change in the intellectual disability employment sector. There are options for this that would be beneficial to our cause, our trainees, as well as you as a corporation with specific needs. An outline of some options for your consideration are detailed below. These are by no means exhaustive, and a collaboration together could manifest on any number of levels – which we are willing to explore in more detail should you wish to contact us at admin@browniesanddownies.co.za


Sponsorship (Marketing Dept. Expense Claims)

Focus PBO 18A Certificate

Businesses in various fields can contribute through funding, sponsoring, marketing and consultation to further the cause Our Second Home stands for. By supporting Our Second Home, you are supporting an NPO and by doing so, performing a charitable act. We can provide the formalities you will need to acquire your tax deduction privileges from sponsoring our NPO.

Brand exposure

Through Brownies & Downies, we are experiencing a massive curiosity from the general public as well as important media coverage and support from the local government.

Supporting Brownies & Downies is therefore a business opportunity for firms that are seeking marketing exposure. We have, in the months following opening, received much publicity on television, radio, newspapers, magazines, blogs and online posts, and continue to garner much curiosity and interest on in-flight magazines, magazine articles, etc.

We are also happy to publicize the help received from your organisation to the public, and/or participate in a handover at Brownies & Downies or your business to ensure your colleagues are personally involved in our cause and lives.


Donation (HR Skills Development & Socio Economic Development Claims)

Focus B-BBEE points (Level 2)

Both Brownies & Downies and Our Second Home is currently a level 2 contributor on the B-BBEE Scorecard and is therefore 125% B-BBEE compliant. Your business is able to claim points for your annual scorecard through donations to our initiatives, and the issuing of a letter from us stating the details of the donation.

You will be able to earn BEE points on the Elements of Skills Development, Enterprise Development and Socio-Economic Development through a contribution to us.

Category Description Points
Management Control 50% black controlled 10
Skills Development 3% payroll contribution to training 15
Preferential Procurement 70% all procurement 20
Enterprise Development 3% contribution of net-after tax profits 15
Socio-Economic Development 1% contribution of net-after tax profits 5


Recruitment (HR Dept., Skills Development, Socio Economic Development Claims, etc.)

Focus Recruitment of trained disabled individuals

There is an opportunity to fund the training of individuals that could one day work in your business. We train people with intellectual disabilities in hospitality and retail, for eventual employment. This funding would be seen as training costs in terms of B-BBEE and can be allocated towards your BEE Scorecard . It could increase the level of goodwill that may garner customer loyalty and respect. People with intellectual disabilities don’t expect pity, they just want to be given a chance to work. The discussion around fees for training and the procedures around such goes beyond the scope of this short introduction, and can be discussed with our management team at any time.

Recruitment options allow you to partner with us, and we provide sensitivity training to your staff, as well as work closely with your organisation after integration is successful in a monitoring and maintenance capacity.


Service Delivery (HR Dept. Staff Meal / Fund Allocations)

Focus Functions and Meetings

For your consideration, there is also scope for us to host and fully cater for business functions or meetings at our shop (inside or outside normal working hours), or provide platters for functions hosted at your premises. Our shop is the perfect location to meet clients, suppliers or partners for meetings with:

  • Free WiFi.
  • Light, spacious and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Extensive drinks and eats menu catering for gluten intolerant, Halaal friendly, vegan and vegetarian.
  • Centrally situated near the N1 motorway entrance.

Individual Partnerships

With your help we would like to partner together with you to bring about a transformative change in the intellectual disability employment sector.

How can you help?

Support Brownies&downieS By simply dining at our establishment, it gives the special needs staff happiness, a job purpose and training opportunities. We greatly appreciate every customer, and we endeavour to treat you all like our loving family. You can provide your email address to us to stay in the know, or follow us on social media (links below).

Sponsor an adult If you would like to directly influence a special needs staff adult who may not be in a position to afford expenses such as transport to the shop, food each day, and other training expenses, please consider donating R50, R100, or R200 per month towards our cause, and their training. Please email admin@browniesanddownies.co.za to receive a document to complete your particulars for monthly debit order sponsoring.

Donate Should you wish to donate anything to our cause (monetary, services or items), we all would be extremely grateful.

Functions We can host functions at our shop for special occasions, as well as catering at events that are tailored to your needs and restrictions. Please contact us if you’d like to enquire.

References Should you wish to refer any persons to us for assistance, business dealings, internships or applications into the training programme, please send an email to admin@browniesanddownies.co.za

Spread the word Help us to spread the good influences and loving messages that we hold so dear to our core.

Expansion If you are interested in partnering with us and expanding the concept to other parts of South Africa, please don’t hesitate to contact our GM Wade Schultz. His contact details are noted below.



€5, €10, €15 OF MEER

Monetary donations can be made to:

Account Holder Our Second Home
Account Number 62565637405
Bank First National Bank
Branch Code 250655
Reference Donations ‘Your name/business name’

Donations of equipment, services, marketing or anything else, may be organised through info@browniesanddownies.co.za

Contact Information

Wade Schultz | General Manager of Brownies&Downies
Tel +27 21 2000 459
Email wade@browniesanddownies.co.za