Have the weekdays got you locked down in a 9-5 grind? Do you need a little shake-up on your weekends to experience something different?

Do you know that Brownies & Downies is open on selected Saturday’s every month? Yes, the very same restaurant who has been in the news, on the tv mini-series Life Begins After Coffee and winner of SABF’s Social Innovation Awards 2017!

    2020 Open Saturdays             9am – 2pm

25 January 27 June
29 February 25 July
28 March 29 August
25 April 26 September
30 May 31 October

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Where else can you get food this good, service this friendly and get to help the community at the same time?

Come and experience the buzz, the food and the atmosphere at Brownies & Downies! The food, the friendship and … the brownies. They are literally the best thing since sliced bread!

Written and published by Wade Schultz