Training at Brownies & Downies

Brownies & Downies may seem like just a restaurant, but we’re so much more than that! At Brownies & Downies we run training, skills development and work conditioning programmes for people with intellectual disabilities. We’ve chosen to focus on this group of individuals because they need the most help during the integration process at a

Some Disabilities Can Be Avoided.

Did you know that some disabilities can be entirely avoidable? In today’s modern age, medical practitioners are more knowledgeable about the long- and short-term effects on our bodies when we consume certain foods and drink. What is it? Besides down syndrome, autism and learning disabilities, Brownies&downieS also accommodates young adults with foetal alcohol syndrome. It

They Want To Learn.

Learning disabilities…it is a real condition, but one that many people cannot visually confirm. But by no means does this mean that people with a learning disability are all painted with the same brush, or cannot learn in any capacity. We will be talking about learning disabilities in this blog, and what it means to

Understanding Autism

Some of the young adults who will be working at Brownies&downieS will have a disability called Autism. It is hard to explain exactly what it is, but let’s delve into it so that you, our customers and readers, can learn and understand a bit more about it. What Is Autism? Autism is actually called Autism

Let’s Talk ‘Down Syndrome’

Besides people with Autism we will also have young adults with Down Syndrome. People’s understanding of down syndrome can be confusing, so let’s delve into it and explain it. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of a third copy of your 21st chromosome. Instead of having 46 chromosomes, people with down