Hiring people with special needs doesn’t have to be scary! They are people with human needs just like you – they may just need to be worked with differently.


Mutual success for both employers and graduates of our skills development programme in the marketplace – that is the vision Brownies & Downies has for business in South Africa. After all, which business owner doesn’t want a loyal, trained employee working for them? And with the increase in how the public perceives businesses in today’s market, this is the perfect way a business can show customer’s first-hand that they help the communities they operate in.


To date, Brownies & Downies has trained over 40 people in our skills development and job readiness programmes, and successfully placed over 16 graduates into employment.


Don’t know anything about intellectual disablities? Not a problem. Our social workers lead the way with employee training, job integration and sensitivity training for your existing staff. We teach them everything they need to know about your new employee with special needs.


Now add 4 months of telephonic consultancy with our social workers after hiring a graduate from our programme, and ask yourself: Why haven’t you done this yet?

Need more convincing? Check out what one of our hiring partners has to say by clicking the video.

Need to know more? What about B-BBEE points and tax-back benefits for your business?

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Written and published by Wade Schultz.