Hiring People with Special Needs

Hiring people with special needs doesn’t have to be scary! They are people with human needs just like you – they may just need to be worked with differently.   Mutual success for both employers and graduates of our skills development programme in the marketplace – that is the vision Brownies & Downies has for

Some Disabilities Can Be Avoided.

Did you know that some disabilities can be entirely avoidable? In today’s modern age, medical practitioners are more knowledgeable about the long- and short-term effects on our bodies when we consume certain foods and drink. What is it? Besides down syndrome, autism and learning disabilities, Brownies&downieS also accommodates young adults with foetal alcohol syndrome. It

They Want To Learn.

Learning disabilities…it is a real condition, but one that many people cannot visually confirm. But by no means does this mean that people with a learning disability are all painted with the same brush, or cannot learn in any capacity. We will be talking about learning disabilities in this blog, and what it means to